Runes of Deception out now!

Here’s the link to Runes of Deception, now on sale at Amazon. Thank you everyone for your support. Enjoy,

Release Date!

After some minor bumps in the road, I’m pleased to announce that the ebook of Runes of Deception (Book 3 of Recollections of a Rune Knight) will be released the evening of February 9th !!The paperback will be out next month.More details to follow.

Runes of Deception

Hi all, A big congrats to Editor Megan Harris on the new baby! Future writer perhaps? In between motor vehicles breaking down, floods, covid and so much more, I got the rough draft of Runes of Deception done. It goes off to the beta readers next week. Whoo Hoo. The next novel in the series, […]

What’s been happening?

Well, let’s see. Year of the Covid has kept me busy. The audiobook for Runes of Steel is out. It’s narrated by the fantastic team of Evan Kelly and Bo Powell. Runes of Blood was an Amazon Best Seller for Horror Comedy. Runes of Steel won 1st Place for Paranormal Fiction in the CIBA Awards. […]

CIBA Ceremony

Tonight starts the Chanticleer International Book Awards Ceremony (CIBA). Due to Covid, it had postponed and changed to a virtual ceremony. Runes of Steel is a finalist in the Paranormal catagory, but competition is fierce! A lot of great writers are in the mix and it should be an interesting time. #chantireviews #books #urbanfantasy


Hope everyone is doing good. I’ve been prepping to get the Runes of Blood paperback out. (Stay tuned for an announcement date) I’ve also been chipping away at the third book in the series, Runes of Deception. There may also be a book that’s not part of the Recollections of a Rune Knight series being […]

Drop Date!

Murder, Magic and Mayhem. In the year since a terrorist attack wreaked havoc on Llewellyn, Massachusetts, the hidden city of magic has struggled to recover. The city council has refused to rebuild the devastated police department, focusing instead on creating a peace treaty with the enemy. Sergeant Mike Brennan and his motley team struggle to […]

Where’s the Damn Book, Jack?

Good question! I had hoped to have had Runes of Blood out last month. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. All the Covid stuff finally managed to slowed it down. That’s the bad news. The good news is that I’m hoping to announce the actual launch date for the ebook sometime next week. Be safe and thanks […]

Cover Reveal!

It took longer than we hoped, but here is the cover to Runes of Blood. The Artist in Residence worked on every aspect of it including taking the original photos of the models. Happy Mother’s Day!

If a Tree falls during Quarantine, Does it make a sound?

Well I didn’t get much writing done this weekend, but I did do my best to imitate a lumberjack. Had to clear some trees off the property. Hated to do it, but they needed to go. All of it will be used for the wood stove, so it won’t go to waste.