The 2022 Plan

It’s hard to believe that it’s been four years since Runes of Steel,
my first novel came out. A lot has happened since then. It won 1st place in the
Chanticleer International Book Awards for Supernatural/Paranormal Fiction and
even made it on a couple of Amazon’s best seller lists. I made Captain at my
department. Demon Sean the rooster passed away in an unfortunate (and strange)
roosting mishap and I wrote Runes of Blood which also somehow made it
on to one of Amazon’s best seller lists.


Then I got cocky! I made a resolution for 2022 that I would write three
books that year. Mind you, this is while working full time as a police captain,
running my own law firm AND spending time with my family. Did I pull it off?

Hell no!

But I got close. I was able to put out Runes of Deception and tried my hand at writing a book of true crime murders. That’s where I hit the wall. Researching and writing about 25 murders took a toll. One story in particular was bad, very bad. So, I took a little break after the 24th story. I needed something to cleanse the brain. The third book was going to be a spinoff of the Recollections of a Rune Knight series instead I found myself punching out a completely different story. The next thing I know I had written a sci fi action comedy and boy, is it a doozy. If you guys like Bad Penny, you’re going to love Stella! But you’ll need to e patient for this one, it’s not going to be out right away.


So! What did I learn in 2022? Two jobs and trying to write three books in a
year is too much. Therefore, I decided to retire as an attorney. Don’t tell my
former law professors, but I enjoy writing much more than practicing law.

Even with one less job, I’m going to slow it down for 2023 because my kid
(aka the Artist in Residence) is going off to college in the fall, so I need to
get my time in before dear old dad gets forgotten about (Someone cue up Cat’s
in a Cradle


What does that mean for my readers for 2023? Well, both the true crime book
and the sci fi alien abduction book will be out this year and I also plan on
having Runes of Fire, the 4th book in the Recollections of a Rune
series out as well. can’t leave you guys on a cliff hanger, right?

As for my 2023 resolution, I plan on doing a lot more social media and
marketing, so expect more posts from me. A good example of that is the author
panels I’ve been doing for Con-Tinual. Check them out on my other posts or just
go to my events page. I think you’ll enjoy them.





Hope everyone’s Holidays were great!



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