Upcoming Book: Lock’s Galactic Mess


Now available for Pre-Order (Releases Sep 12th): LOCK’S GALACTIC MESS by Jack Cullen. This is #sciencefiction#parody & #humor and a ton of fun! Start here — https://evolvedpub.com/LFVTA-1 — and pre-order your copy today.


The dreaded alien is back, determined to use Lock Ferguson as a weapon of mass destruction, and Earth hangs in the balance.
Thirty years ago, Loughlin “Lock” Ferguson was abducted and experimented on by an alien. Now a middle-aged janitor, Lock’s shocked to discover it has returned and plans on using him as a superweapon. With the help of his misfit friends, Lock must use his new powers to prevent the alien from destroying the planet. Sometimes it takes a janitor to prevent a galactic mess.

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS the first installment in the zany, funny “Lock Ferguson vs. The Aliens” series of sci-fi abduction adventures, mixing science fiction with comedy to give you great entertainment.

w/ Robb Grindstaff (editor) and Covers By Kris Norris (artist)

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