What’s been happening?

Well, let’s see. Year of the Covid has kept me busy.

The audiobook for Runes of Steel is out. It’s narrated by the fantastic team of Evan Kelly and Bo Powell.

Runes of Blood was an Amazon Best Seller for Horror Comedy.

Runes of Steel won 1st Place for Paranormal Fiction in the CIBA Awards.

Runes of Steel made it back to the best seller list for Occult Horror again.

During all that, I managed to get promoted to Captain (which being a “Jack” puts me in the ranks of Sparrow and Harkness). I managed not to get Covid (though I had some near misses) and I carved out a road, a range and eight camping spots up at 3 Bears!

So,,, What’s ahead?

Runes of Deception  will be out in 2021 and Runes of Fire will be out in 2022.

Runes of War will be out after Runes of Fire and will conclude the 1st Recollection of a Rune Knight.

There are two other series in the works, one of which will be in the Llewellyn-verse. Oh! and a Youtube show coming soon. It involves three of my favorite things…

Thanks all,


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